Welcome to The Daleisphere

So, why The new blog?

Dale PointingI’ve been a blogger for years now. My video game law and imedia law blogs were created to promote my legal practice. Occasionally I’d sneak in posts like this one, or this one, or this one, that were decidedly not about law at all.

As I drilled down into my Google Analytics stats, I noticed that the popular posts were frequently the ‘snuck in’, non-legal, posts. So, I thought, why not create a blog just for those kinds of posts?  And The Daleisphere was born.

Focus & Approach

eyeball focus New authors and playwrights are taught to write about what they know. The Daleisphere will be about what I know – topics within the ‘sphere’ of ‘Dales’ interests and influence (see below), but decidedly outside of the topics covered in my professional blogs.

The blog will be attractive, upbeat and positive. I will attempt to emulate the approach of those bloggers that I respect and read regularly. Namely:

Geek IS Me

geek I’ve been a geek for more than 30 years. So the primary focus of The Daleisphere  will always be technology related posts, reviews and how-tos on topics such as:

  • web services, web applications and software
  • small office / home office applications, computing, networks and devices
  • interactive media / video on demand / content delivery over the Internet
  • consumer electronics / PVRs / portable devices
  • road warrior technologies
  • video games, consoles and peripherals
  • blogging, web hosting  and software development and related tools
  • the technology, web 2.0, video game, software and hardware industries
  • broadcasting and telecommunication regulation and policy

Other Topics

newspaper snippets In the same way that I snuck non-legal posts into my legal blogs, I will, from time to time, include non-geek posts on other topics that I am interested in.

These topics will likely include:

  • Health & fitness – working out / running / golf / tennis
  • Cooking & kitchen appliances – the understanding of which is key to keeping fit
  • Coffee, scotch and wine — my morning and evening delights – mmm!
  • Movie and book reviews
  • Politics – particularly U.S. and international politics
  • Religion – yikes! Should I mix religion and politics in one blog?

Canadian Angle

Canadian beaver While most of what I write will be global in scope, as a resident Canadian, I will write from a uniquely Canadian perspective when the topic merits.

For example, it is too frequently the case that Canadians (and other non-American residents) cannot access/purchase promising new products or web-based services such as the iPhone, Hulu, AmazonMP3, the Amazon Kindle, Amazon Unbox on TiVo or South Park Studios. Non-U.S. dwellers must sit on the sidelines, often for years, waiting for these products and services to be made available locally – if ever. I may rant on this topic from time to time, but will also  include constructive posts on the ‘Canadian angle’ as and when developments occur.


backhoe I have written countless detailed emails (and no-doubt bored many a friend and family member ) on all of these topics including hundreds of mini movie, book and video game reviews. I will likely plum the depths of those emails and back-post some of them for posterity (and to take advantage of possible revenue streams from the Amazon associates program).


banner ads While I purposefully kept advertising out of my professional blogs, I plan to test out some of Jon Chow’s monetization ideas to see if this blog can at least cover its costs. I will include tasteful, non-intrusive advertising and other revenue generating techniques only. I dislike blogs overflowing with Google Ad-Sense boxes just as much as the next person.

A final reason for this site and my wishhh.com service, is that by personally blogging and developing these sites, I stay current with the tools, technologies and issues that are important to, and affect, my technology clients. My clients have always appreciated my ability to understand their world and speak their language.

Let the fun and games begin! 🙂