Use Glass Marbles to Save Open Bottles of Wine

marbles as a wine saverLast evening I attended a Spanish wine tasting event at Café Taste (1330 Queen St. Toronto).  I was participating in a single’s event put on by Toronto’s Meet Market Adventures.

As a single person, I frequently open a bottle of wine and drink just a glass or two. Over the years, I’ve experimented with different ways of saving the wine in open bottles. For the last couple years I’ve used the vacu vin stainless steel wine saver pump to remove air from the imagebottle to store it for another day. Unfortunately this method only keeps the wine for a day or two max. And, the emptier the bottle the less well it works.

I asked our Café Taste host, Jeremy Day (pictured below), if he had any other suggestions to preserve an open bottle of wine.  He came up with the remarkably sensible suggestion of  putting sterilized marbles into the bottle and then recorking. What a clever idea!

imageThe marbles fill up the empty bottle, move the wine to the top and push all the air out before resealing. The idea sounds brilliant. But I haven’t tried it yet. I will report back once I have.

This technique will require some practical way of dish-washing the glass marbles between each such use. I found a way to safely wash wine glasses in the dishwasher. I’m sure I’ll figure out a good way to wash marbles if the idea works.

Another suggestion he had was to place opened, recorked bottles in the fridge. I have always used the vacu vin pump and placed the bottle back on the counter. Jeremy advises that a chilled wine oxidizes more slowly than a bottle of wine at room temperature. Good to know.

FYI, Café Taste is a terrific place to taste wines. Highly recommended.

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