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Rafael Nadal’s Designer Tennis Shoes

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rafael nadal's 'RAFA' shoe (close up)- French Open 2008

I get a kick out of Rafael Nadal’s tennis shoes. As you can see below (click for larger version), at the 2009 French Open they bear three numbered insignias along the side, one each for his prior French Open wins.

rafael nadal's shoes with championship ensignias - French Open 2008

On the back of the left shoe he has his trademark logo of a bull (see above pic) and on the back of the right ‘RAFA” is embossed on it.

rafael nadal's 'RAFA' shoe - French Open 2008

In the past the shoe used to to say “VAMOS” on the left and “RAFA” on the right.

safety pin

A couple years back an unseeded challenger ranked around 150 came out to meet rafa with his own ‘designer’ shoes. The cameras zoomed in on the challenger’s shoes to reveal that he had used safety pins to attach patches on the back of his sneakers with saying “Vamos” on the left and the challenger’s name on the right – written in ink!. I wish I could remember who that was. It was quite funny.

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