The Wrestler (2008)

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Mickey Rourke is an intriguingly unique actor. He was terrific in Sin City (2005) but disturbing, to me, in Nine 1/2 Weeks (1986). My opinion of him has flip-flopped over the years. Ultimately I do respect his considerable talent.

The Wrestler, as you know, is his come-back from obscurity movie. A movie of a down-and-out Wrestler – with parallels Rourke’s acting career and personal life. Randy the RAM is one-trick pony – as the Springsteen theme song to the movie goes. He’s a wrestler that knows nothing else. Years after he should have retired, his pride keeps him from moving on.

the wrestler (2008) mickey rourke and marisa tomei

On Charlie Rose Rourke made the point that, unlike Randy the RAM, he had someone to talk to (a therapist), to equip him with the tools he need to overcome his demons and move on.

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