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Large Teen Pregnancy Declines in Canada vs. United States

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Canadian and U.S. teen preganancy rates - 2.79% compared to 6.12%

According to a CBC News report that aired on “The National’” on Wednesday May 26, the teen pregnancy rate in Canada has declined 37% in the last 10 years. The report cites improved sex education and access by teens to contraceptives as the primary reasons for this large decline.

Canada now has less than half the teen pregnancy rate of the United States – 2.79% of Canadian teenaged girls 15 to 19 compared to 6.12% of teenage girls in the United States.

There is no better proof that the Bush-era policies of ‘just say no’, abstinence only programs and restricted access to birth control for teens have failed American teens.

Source: The CBC’s source was the Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality.

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  • Anonymous

    Good news for Canadian. Anyways, I’m not gonna get pregnant too much pain I’ll rather adopt… No pain and u save a kid I don’t have to worry about teen pregnancy becuz right now? I’m half way though collage and I said to my self I want date anyone until I’m settle and have a plan. thanks for the post. @RACHEL:)

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     Its good news for Canada and good achievement.many thanks for such a great info…

  • Anonymous

    Well, that sounds really good. Early pregnancy means ruined lives of people and of one creature which is very often undesired in the world. I’m glad that there is a decline in the level of early pregnancy in Canada now.
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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XTNKAJZW4JHGW2OCW24TDCVCEM Steve

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