Canadian Streaming TV Guide

imageBecause there is no Hulu in Canada,  in the past I have written about various, albeit limited, online TV streaming resources available to Canadians (see, for example here and here). 

Today I received an email from Seppo Sahrakorpi of Pilvi Computing announcing his new ‘Streaming Guide’ which links to all the disparate TV streaming offerings available to Canadians. I tested it and it works well. The interface is rather sparse, yet simple and effective.  It’s a simple alphabetical list of all TV shows that can be watched online in Canada. You can sort by various genres.

While this worked well on my PC, unfortunately, owing to the iPad’s lack of support for Flash, I couldn’t get any of the shows I tested to work on my iPad. Sad smile

Putting this together must have been an awful lot of work. What’s more, to keep it up-to-date, will require a herculean ongoing effort. Let’s hope Seppo is up to the task!  Thanks for all the hard work Seppo.

NOTE: Last I tested it, Hotspot shield still allowed Canadians full access to Hulu.



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    1. I can’t recommend Stream Direct TV. For one, it isn’t legal in Canada to receive Direct TV. Secondly, I’m certain Direct TV wouldn’t sanction any free TV services. u00a0All of the streaming services listed in the Streaming Guide discussed above are legal and provided by the relevant cable/MSO/distributor. Finally, I was hesitant to even leave your comment in, Erol, because these types of ‘free’ plugins are often the source of malware. But, since I’m not sure, I left your comment in for the sake of discussion. Again, I do NOT recommend anyone try it unless they are certain it’s not a source of Malware.

  1. try unblock-us.comu00a0u00a0.u00a0u00a0 it is a simple change to your DNS servers.u00a0 I started using it 2 weeks ago and now works and hulu too.n

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