Toronto G20 Protest Under My Window–Esplanade & Scott

T0ronto G20 Protest on Esplanade between Scott and Lower Jarvis

The narrated video above is hard to see because its dark. It is easier to see it on full screen. See the non-narrated version of the same event (below) taken 5 minutes earlier. It is a bit easier to see.

A few days after a man was arrested in front of my building with gasoline tanks and various items that could be used as weapons (see pictures below), a largish Toronto G20 protest took place under my window.

There were about 75 to 100 sit-in style protesters on Toronto’s The Esplanade, between Scott and Lower Jarvis (about 1/2 mile from the G20 fences). The protestors blocked the road, stretching about 5 people wide, between the Keg on one side of the street and the Novotel (where low-level G20 officials are staying)  on the other. Easily 100 to 150 police in full riot gear showed up in successive waves. While an initial group of police surrounded the protesters (2 lines, 2 officers deep), another phalanx of police organized at Front and Scott. They marched in formation (about 5 x 25), banging batons on shields with each step. After that group arrived, the police arrested the protestors one by one – dragging them into a dozen or so waiting paddy wagons as two helicopters hovered overhead. While all that took place a dozen or so police per street corner blocked all adjacent streets ensuring that no more protestors could arrive.

Non-Narrated Version of Video recorded 5 Minutes Earlier

Non-narrated version–shorter, easier to see–nice Toronto skyline shot


At first the protestors chanted ‘Peaceful Protest’, ‘Peaceful Protest’. After most were dragged away, the  chant changed to ‘Let us go”, “Let us go”. That didn’t get them very far. All those that were sitting on the road were taken away. There seemed to be a smaller group that had been standing on the sidewalk that were permitted to stay – surrounded by police for hours after.

Of course this shut down our normally happy, bustling neighborhood. During the event, which lasted a few hours, I was a prisoner in my building. I wasn’t permitted to go out the front door – even to go to the convenience store 20 steps away.

The pictures below are of the man arrested three days ago (June 24) for having a weird car with gasoline cans in it and weird makeshift weapons including a cross bow.

Gas tanks, chain saw, cross bow, pick etc.

 - gas tanks, cross bow, chain saw, pick etc. found in car

The man that was arrested

Toronto G20 Man arrested in odd car

Hazmat Suit Guys
(there ended up being no hazardous chemicals or bombs)


Toronto G20 Man arrested in odd car - hazmat suit guys

Odd Looking Car and lots of police
(my building in behind)

Toronto G20 Man arrested in odd car with gasoline and odd weapons