3G iPhone Reviews Rolling In

  3G iPhone Hardware Reviews: Walt  Mossberg (Wall St Journal) David Pogue (NY Times) Ed Baig (USA Today) *Engadget (including terrific demo video) Sydney Morning Herald infoSync Times Online (UK) iPhone 2.0 Software iPhone 2.0 Software Review (Gizmodo) Software Update Gives New Life to the first iPHone (CNET’s crave) Apps and App Store (Apple’s


The New Playstation Store

(2.5/5) The new PS3 Playstation store is a much needed improvement over the older store. The Old Playstation Store: The old store (pictured to the left) booted slowly, was unresponsive, had tiny print and was almost unusable. It relied on a ‘mouse’ like interface with a pointer that needed to be moved around the screen