Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock – Mini Review

image2 rating    (2/5) – music simulation

Reviews: Metacritic 92%| Game Rankings 86.32% 
Reference: wikipedia12
Developer: Neversoft

[Note: This mini-review predates the founding of the Daleisphere. It was culled from an email I wrote to friends about the game in early December 2007.]

I really enjoyed Guitar Hero 2 and was hoping for more guitar fun.

Combat Mode Ruined the Game: Unfortunately, Red Octane decided to include a new “combat” mode that pretty much ruined the game for me. They took a fun premise and turned it into a chore.  What were they thinking? Most of GH3 is the same as GH2 except for the ridiculous combat mode that they FORCE you to play every 10th song to advance. I was unable to “beat” the final “boss”. After 10 tries I just gave up and returned the game to the video rental store.  

Achievements: The Achievements for this game are THE most ridiculous Achievements I’ve seen on any 360 game. If you finish the game I believe they give you less than 100 of the available 1000 points.  I don’t recall what the achievements were any more but I do recall being astonished at how silly they were when I read through the list.

If you don’t have either GH2 or GH3 and want one, Guitar Hero 2 is the better game.