Santa Carolina Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva 2006 – 375 ml

Santa Carolina Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva 2006 – 375 ml bottle 1 rating  (1/5)

Varietal: cabernet sauvignonPrice: $5.95 Cdn – websiteWinery: Santa CarolinaVintage: 2006 – Region: ChileLCBO No: 389866
Other Reviews: Toronto Life 

As a bachelor I routinely test the small-sized (375 ml) bottles of wine near the LCBO cash registers in the hopes that one day I may find a decent wine suitable for one person. When I lived in California I routinely found acceptable wines in this form factor. So far in Ontario, I have found none.

I’m not a huge fan of cabernet sauvignon. Unfortunately, I cannot give this bottle a proper review since it has been months since I took these pictures and had the misfortune to taste it – twice.  I bought this particular wine about a year ago and didn’t like it at all.  Several months ago I bought it again and disliked it just as much. All I can remember of the experience is the word “bleche”. I’m writing this post as much to remind myself never to buy it again as to warn others off it. If I have the unfortunate experience of trying it again, I’ll update this post with more details.

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