So You Think You Can Dance (Season 4 – Top 20)

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I’ve been a fan of So You Think You Can Dance since the first season. Here are my thoughts on the on June 11, 2008 performances of the ten couples making up the season 4 top 20. (Click images for larger view)


Rayven/Jamie – Hip Hop (American Boy – Estelle ft. Kanye West): Yikes … fish out of water …. boring … I was fearful for the show after this performance. [Watch on YouTube]

[June 12 Update: Rayven and Jamie were voted off the next day.]

Susie/Marquis – Waltz (Dark Waltz – Hayley Westenra): Nice enough but too many mistakes. Was happy Susie showed more substance than she presented in the earlier audition/Vegas shows. Better than expected from her. He was very good. [Watch on YouTube] buy mp3

Kourtni/Matt – Jazz (Tainted Love – Soft Cell): Kourtni was one of my favourites coming into tonight. She didn’t do much for me in this yawner. The second worst of the night … how disappointing… I hope she makes it through.  I’d like to see her do a Mia Michaels emotive/contemporary routine. She’d be a natural. [Watch on YouTube]

So You Think You Can Dance - Chelsea and Thane - Cha Cha - June 11, 2008 Chelsea/Thane – Cha Cha (Oye Como Va (Latin/Trance Mix) –  Celia Cruz): Hot, hot hot. Chelsea looks to be a permanent passenger on Mary’s Hot Tamali Train.  Thane was good too. That was sexy. [Watch on YouTube] buy mp3

So You Think You Can Dance - Chelsie and Mark - Contemporary (Tim Burton Reception) - June 11, 2008 So You Think You Can Dance - Chelsie and Mark - Contemporary (whispering secret) - June 11, 2008Chelsie/Mark – Contemporary (Beautiful – Me’Shell Ndegeocello): Dang! Tim Burton’s  wedding – wow! I wish I liked Mia Michaels, the person, more – she annoys me actually. But she sure does do consistently terrific choreography. [Watch on YouTube] buy mp3

So You Think You Can Dance - Twitch and Kherington (Twitchington) - Broadway - June 11, 2008 Twitch/Kherington (Twitchington) – Broadway (Too Darn Hot – Kiss Me Kate (2002 Revival Broadway Cast): I didn’t think Twitchington would be as good as they turned out to be. They both had wonderfully So You Think You Can Dance - Twitch and Kherington (Twitchington) - Interview - June 11, 2008expressive faces. She sure is a Dale-type cutie … gorgeous smile …. I grinned a  happy grin as I watched this routine four times over. I didn’t think Twitch was as good as her or as good as the judges said he was however. [Watch on YouTube] buy mp3

Chris/Comfort – Jive (Boom Boom – Big Head Todd & The Monsters): Back to yawning … didn’t even want to watch it through the first time. What’s wrong with the judges? I hated this dance. Comfort was clearly out of her comfort zone and in my opinion barely made it through. I’d feel comfortable voting them off. Worst of the night. [Watch on YouTube] buy mp3

So You Think You Can Dance - Katee and Joshua - Hip Hop 2 - June 11, 2008So You Think You Can Dance - Katee and Joshua - Hip Hop - June 11, 2008Katee/Joshua – Hip Hop (No Air – Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown): Loved it. For  a couple that just started dancing together they were tight, emotive and connected in a wonderful way. I bet the judges are happy they kept her  now. My favourite of the night. [Watch on YouTube] buy mp3

Jessica/Will – Tango (Tango – Cirque Du Soleil): I love the tango. But Will was popping too much for my taste. It just didn’t look right. She was generally fine. They smiled WAY too much. You aren’t supposed to smile in a tango. I disagree with Mary’s “couple to beat” line. I thought they were just middle of the road tonight. [Watch on YouTube]

Courtney/Gev – Disco (Boogie Wonderland – Earth, Wind & Fire) They did OK. In my opinion, disco should be dropped from the show. It’s hard for me to be impressed with it because, unlike Nigel, I’m so tired of the style. [Watch on YouTube] buy mp3

Looks like we’re off to a good competitive season.



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