Rosedale Park Playground

The playground at Rosedale Park is one of the nicer outdoor community playgrounds in terms of facilities. It’s located in a swanky neighborhood, a half mile north east of Bloor and Sherburne – a 10 minute drive in no traffic from downtown. There are no free floating toys. There are public bathrooms immediately beside but they were closed at 6pm on Oct 13. I’ve never seem a train like they have here in a Toronto park nor such a large interactive wall with as many options (see pics below). It also has the highest slide I’ve found yet in a public Toronto park. Like many Toronto parks, it has a splash pad (that’s only open from end of June to Labour Day). Unlike most parks, it has a nice gazebo that was handy when it started raining and would be nice to eat your lunch under.

The playground is in the north/west corner of the Rosedale Park. Park on Edgar Ave (see map below) and walk across the football field to get there.