Roger Federer’s Designer Tennis Shoes

Since I wrote about Rafael Nadal’s designer tennis shoes at the 2008 French Open, it is only fitting to post pictures the designer shoes worn by Federer at Wimbledon 2008.

2008 Wimbldeon - Roger Federer's Left Designer Tennis Shoe 2008 Wimbldeon - Roger Federer's Right Designer Tennis Shoe

As you can see, he wear’s custom Nike, Zoom Air, Fit Frame tennis shoes. On the left heal, his RF trademark is displayed. On the right heal, the Wimbledon gold trophy is emblazoned with the number 5 – signifying his 5 prior Wimbledon singles championships.

2008 Wimbldeon - Roger Federer's Designer Tennis Shoes (both)

[June 6, 2008 Update: Having lost to Nadal in the finals, it appears that the insignia on the right heal won’t be changing any time soon 🙁 ]