Pottery Playground

A quaint, tree-lined North York playground for younger children. Tucked away off Merton, between Mount Pleasant and Bayview on the North side Mount Pleasant Cemetary.

Small and almost hidden like the Hideaway Park Playground. Safely fenced-in on all sides and wonderfully shaded. Contains a 4-feature splash pad, small sandbox, a plethora of abandoned slides, scattered riding and other toys, a drinking fountain, one toddler swing and one handicapped swing. No regular swings or toilets though there are shrubs in the summer that the young ones could disappear behind if needs be.

The play structure is older but still fun.

It’s not at all convenient to get to by public transit but easily accessible by car. Look out for it while driving by Merton because, like the Pirate Ship Park, it’s easy to miss while driving by.