Nintendo E3 2009 Press Conference Summary

nintendo e3 2009 press conference

Nintendo’s 2009 E3 Press Conference can be viewed here. This has to be the most boring E3 conference I’ve ever watched.  See also: My 2008 Nintendo E3 coverage.


  • Multiplayer Mario co-op: (holiday 2009 – yawn)
  • nintendo E3 2009 - wii fit plusWii Fit Plus: 6 new exercise modes, 15 new balance games, available as software-only (fall 2009)
  • User Generated Content: Some user generated DS content initiatives discussed:
    • FlipNotes Studio: animation drawing app (this summer)
    • WarioWare DIY: Microgame creator
    • Mario v. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again – level editor and online sharing (DSi – June 8, 2009).
    • Will be able to upload DSi pictures to Facebook this summer.
  • nintendo e3 2009 - wii vitality sensor Wii Vitality Sensor: Monitor health, pulse. Some kind of health / relaxation / stress diagnostics tool (no release date)
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2: New 3D Mario game



The following were previously announced but demo’d at the show.

DS Games Shown

  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Mario Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story (this fall)
  • Golden Sun
  • Women’s Murder Club: video book brought to DS and DSi
  • Cop, the Recruit (Ubisoft)
  • Style Savvy – (girls fashion game)
  • Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

2009 Third Party Wii Exclusives

Just One New Nintendo ‘Hardcore’ Wii Game

nintendo e3 2009 - metorid other m Metroid Other M  (2010) That’s it! No other new Nintendo ‘hardcore’ games announced

Platform Numbers

  • 15 Million Wii fit balance boards sold
  • 100 million DS’s sold
  • 1 million DSi’s sold in 2 months in America

Live Blog Coverage

My Thoughts

This was slow and boring compared to yesterday’s Microsoft press conference.

Their focus was, once again, on audience diversity – bringing gaming to everyone. Little of interest to hard core gamers.

I appreciate their getting into the user-generated content space.

The third party exclusives and their one new ‘hardcore’ game were the only games that were somewhat interesting to me. Enough to purchase a Wii? Not even close.



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