Nadal Crushes Federer to Win Fourth Consecutive French Open

Nadal nibbles on 2008 French Open trophy For the third consecutive year Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal met at the French Open finals.  I fully expected Nadal to win, but I did not expect a 6-1, 6-3, 6-0 blow-out.

With the exception of Federer’s reaching, but not capitalizing on, a break-point in the 2nd, the match was entirely Nadal’s – repeatedly breaking Federer’s serve. The Nadal-Djokovic semi-final was much more satisfying.

It was amusing to see Nadal inhibited by the opening ceremony restrictions. Normally after the pre-game photos and the coin-toss, Nadal charges from the net to the baseline to begin his warm-up. This time he had to wait (noticeably frustrated) until the huge opening ceremony flags were removed before he could make his trademark zig-zag run.

Nadal and Federer pose for pre-game photos at 2008 French Open Opening Ceremony at 2008 French Open Men's Finals Nadal frustrated by opening ceremony flags at 2008 French Open Nadal's trademark zig-zag catapulting run after the handshake at 2008 French Open

Having just tied Borg’s four straight record, it was fitting to see Borg present the trophy to Nadal.

Borg presents trophy to Nadal at 2008 French Open

Nadal remains undefeated at Roland Garros (28 – 0) and holds an amazing  79-2 win-loss record on clay since 2006.  Yet he has never been world number 1.

Nadal and Federe hold 2008 French Open trophies

Borg and McEnroe on Clay

It was a treat to watch McEnroe interview Borg on clay after the match. This was Borg’s first time on canter court since 1981. Despite their history, McEnroe and Borg never once played each other on clay, let alone at Roland Garros.

McEnroe interviews Borg after 2008 French Open Men's Final

See you at Wimbledon.



3 Replies to “Nadal Crushes Federer to Win Fourth Consecutive French Open”

  1. Wow! I only saw the third set, but that was enough for me. Nadal made Federer look so ordinary. Federer’s body language said it all. I have never seen Federer so overwhelmed by an opponent. He seemed awestruck by many of Nadal’s shots, simply waving at them.

    Hats off to Nadal. He clearly was prepared and motivated to win it all again. He may be ranked number ONE soon. It was simply an awesome display of power.

    Certainly Nadal and Federer have great respect for one another. Federer acknowledged Nadal’s dominance while Nadal seemed to tone down his victory celebration considerably. Nice to see such mutual respect and sportsmanship.

    They will play each other many more times, but it is unlikely that those matches will be as one-sided. Or will they? Is this the changing of the guard?

  2. If Nadal manages a victory at Wimbledon perhaps. I don’t buy into the idea that Federer is over. So he lost a few slams. Tiger has lost lots and keeps coming back … there are more slams in Feder’s history.

    For three years running Nadal’s taken the French and Federer – Wimbledon. Djokocitch might win Wimbledon but I doubt it will be Nadal. And I wouldn’t count Roddick out either.

    I’m looking forward to it either way.


  3. I’m not saying Federer is done and washed up. I sure hope not. My point is that Federer may just not dominate the way he has the last few years.

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