Most Anticipated Fall 2008 Video Game Releases

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Below are the fall 2008 video game releases that I’m most looking forward to, not sure of and two 2009 games that I’m chomping at the bit to play.

Fall 2008 Can’t Wait

Not Sure

  • Oct 21 – Far Cry 2 – I want to like it, but thought Far Cry 1 (especially vehicles) was a bit wonky.
  • Oct 31 – Fallout 3 – RPGs are just not my thing – but may begrudgingly try it given the hype.
  • Nov 4 – James Bond: Quantum of Solace – Concerned about Developer being Treyarch – need I say more? While often fun, James Bond games usually have terrible save points. I’ve also often had game save issues (no manual save points, auto-saves too far apart) with most Bond games in the past).
  • 11 Nov – Call of Duty 5 (World at War) – Loved Infinity Ward’s CoD 2 and CoD4. Hated CoD 3 by Treyarch, same developers making CoD5 – I am definitely sceptical!

2009 Can’t Wait

  • Feb – Killzone 2 (PS3) – Will it live up to the 5 year hype!?
  • Fall 2009 – Halo 3 Recon (360) – Best Game Franchise in History!




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  1. Hey Richard… It’s not on my list because I don’t understand the appeal of zombie movies. It’s like a never ending game of shooting fish in a barrel – except, I suppose, these fish can jump out of their barrels at you. I’ve moderately enjoyed one or two zombie games in the past but usually don’t get past a level or two until I’m completely board. Capcom’s zombies in a shopping mall game, Dead Rising, didn’t get me beyond the second level. It just gets too boring too fast for me.

  2. aw man, it’s not just a zombie game though. with 4 player co op throughout the game, and AI that changes things up on each playthrough? at least do yourself a favor and check out the demo when it drops.

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