Jacob’s Creek Reserve Shiraz 2006

jacob's creek reserve shiraz 2006

3.5rating  (3.5/5) – another nice shiraz

Varietal: shiraz/syrahPrice: $17.45 Cdn – Winery: Jacob’s Creek – Vintage: 2006 – Region: South Australia – LCBO No. 665471 Other Reviews: Toronto Life 89 Reference: topwineries.com.au | adegga

Another earthy shiraz. Very similar to the [yellow tail] shiraz but, if memory serves, smoother. It is the boldest Jacob’s Creek wine on their wine scale. There is a less expensive ($12.45) Jacob’s Creek Shiraz (ie: non-‘Reserve’).

My good friend Don Hicks brought this bottle over for another movie night (Elizabeth (1998)). This wine is yet another shiraz that surprised me for being surprisingly good. I’m beginning to think I misjudged shiraz wines lo these last 20 years.

I haven’t yet done a taste comparison between this shiraz and the less expensive [yellow tail] shiraz. When I get a chance I’ll update this post.

Front Label
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Back Label
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jacob's creek reserve shiraz 2006 - front label

jacob's creek reserve shiraz 2006 - back label



6 Replies to “Jacob’s Creek Reserve Shiraz 2006”

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  2. I just did a yellow tail / jacobs creek 2006 reserve shiraz taste test moments ago. The results are conclusive. I had to “chase” the yellow tail with the jacobs just to nullify the flawed effects of the yellow tail. The yellow tail seems to overtly spicey. Not good spicey either. Similiar to the potpurri some people put way to much of in there bathroom to the point where it assults your senses. Yellow tail bombards me with some strange mint absinthe like after taste, and an odd berry vanillia. But not yummy vanilla. The jacobs is smooth but bold. Very fruity to me, almost like a good pinot. Also, try the shotfire from barossa.

  3. one more thing i noticed when I poured yellow tail and jacobs into identical glasses of the same volume. The color of the jacobs was much thicker leaveing more of a residual line on the edge when tilted and then placed upright. Also I could see the bottom of the glass in the yellow tail visably and clearly. I could not see the bottom of the jacobs glass.

  4. Excellent. Thanks for the comparison Jason. I haven’t done that yet but want to. I have been taste testing the yellow tail beside wolf-blass Cab sav and the J. Lohr I just reviewed. rnrnFunny, but as you say, beside those wines I’m getting an after-taste in the Yellot Tail I dont’ recall tasting before – almost like a grape-juice concentrate flavour. Really not nice.rnrnI’m hoping I just got a bumm bottle because I want to keep enjoying it as a day-to-day table wine like I have been for some time. Though I must disagree on the spicy point. I still like its spicy-ness. Heck, without it I wouldn’t like the wine.rnrnI appreciate your feedback.

  5. Absolutely, between the two, the Jacobs Creek is much deeper in colour and probably in texture. Now you’ve got me interested. I’ll have to go out and purchase another bottle to do the same comparison you have.

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