How to Avoid The Adobe Download Manager Firefox Extension


Having recently updated my Adobe Flash Player software for the umpteenth time on two different PCs, I discovered that if you download and install it in the normal way, you end up with a new and unwanted Adobe Download Manager Firefox extension that cannot be removed.

Here’s how to avoid this:

On the Adobe Flash Player download page, uncheck the “Free McAfee Security Scan Plus” option (who knows what that will add to your machine), then click on the yellow “Agree and install now” button:


This will take you to a ‘Thank You!’ page where the little yellow ‘Firefox prevented this site [yada yada from installing something] bar comes across the top of the browser . DON’’T click on the Allow button as normal:


INSTEAD, click on the ‘click here for troubleshooting information’ option’. This will take you to a ‘Common Flash Player download and installation issues (Windows)’ page. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find the ‘If you are still having problems…’ option to download the  most current ‘install_flash_player.exe’ executable directly by clicking on the “Flash_Player_10_ Plugin_(All_other_Windows_ browsers)” option.


Run the executable and you will install the latest Flash plug-in, without the unwanted addition of an unnecessary and unremovable Firefox extension.




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  1. Thanks Steve … I have since noticed that they keep hiding the ball. After a 30 minute search a few days I managed to find the manual download options again. I thought about updating this post but live intervenes and I’m thinking what’s the point – they’ll probably hide it again. Suffice it to say, for my purpose, I only want/need this option the first time I install Flash on a new machine. After that it can update itself without the need of Browser intervention. So, yes, I agree I’d delete an existing installation if it was already there first. Not typically my scenario.

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