Facebook Connect Glitch with Disqus

disqus - facebook connect - not logged in

[Update: As of April 18, 2009, the Facebook Connect glitch under Disqus discussed in this post appears to be remedied. As you can see, I have re-activated the Facebook Connect option on The Daleisphere.

I also note that commenters using Facebook connect have the option (when leaving a comment) to allow that comment to be posted back to their Facebook feed.

Finally, I have updated my ‘Why and How to Integrate Facebook Connect with Disqus’ post to reflect recent Disqus/Facebook implementation changes.]


Disqus is in the process of enhancing their Facebook Connect feature. However, for the last day or so, with the feature enabled, only logged-in Disqus users were able to leave comments on The Daleisphere and on my iMedia Law blog. Neither Facebook users, nor regular commenters could leave comments here.

I recently updated sections 4.6 and 4.8 of my ‘Why and How to Integrate Facebook Connect with Disqus’ post describing the changes that Disqus recently instructed me to make on the applicable Facebook developer pages to facilitate the latest enhancements.  Clearly, they are not working.

For more information on the problem, I wrote a detailed description of Facebook Connect / Disqus problem here in the Disqus forums.

So, as of March 18, 2009, I have shut off Disqus’ Facebook Connect functionality on my Daleisphere and iMedia Law blogs. 

I will update this post when this problem is resolved.


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    Hi Dale,

    Daniel from Disqus here. Much apologies for the issue that you're describing. We're taking a look at this now.

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    Much appreciated … if you want to co-ordinate with me, I can turn Facebook connect back on (preferably on my iMedia law blog – currently on hiatus) so your team can see EXACTLY what is going on. For the moment, its shut off so the problem isn't viewable. Let me know.

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    That's odd. As mentioned in my April 18 update, I haven't had this problem in a long time.

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    Why not? 🙂 I want to make it as easy as possible for people to comment. The more avenues for inviting them in the better I think.

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    I like commenting using DISQUS. But I am really confused about the. Like, what would would happen to the comments, when Disqus won't be providing the service anymore?

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    Comments are stored both locally and on Disqus. If Disqus goes away, you simply disable the plugin and all existing comments revert back to the native WordPress commenting system.



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    It's six to one, half a dozen to another. I find most people DO NOT read prior comments before commenting and don't want to have to scroll down through a ton of comments before commenting. And I don't want to stop them. Plus, I'm trying to generate conversations. For those reading through existing comments they can 'Reply'ied to prior comments without the need to scroll up or down to the original comment box.

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    It’s six to one, some to another. I have found most individuals DO NOT study before feedback before leaving comments and don’t want to have to search down through a ton of feedback before leaving comments. And I don’t want to quit them. Plus, I’m trying to produce discussions. For those studying through current feedback they can ‘Reply’ied to before feedback without the need to search up or down to the very first opinion box.

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