Bought a Doxie Scanner -  Really Like It

As part of my ongoing move to a ‘ paperless’ office, I purchased a Doxie scanner. It’s small, easy to use and does exactly what I need – scan to an app or the cloud. The key benefit of this scanner is that I can scan into any app that accepts images or documents. Most


Data Robotics Wants to Charge Me for Drobo Firmware Updates!

This is the first time in my 25+ years in computing that a hardware manufacturer has informed me that it wants to charge me for a firmware update to a consumer electronics product. I checked my Drobo for firmware updates yesterday and was startled to receive this message: It was bad enough that my DroboShare


Drobo Recovers from Drive Crash as Promised

Data files on each of my web server, laptops, primary computer and iMac are regularly and automatically backed up to my networked Drobo. I also use the Drobo as a primary repository for 100’s of Gigabytes of centralized data – accessible from any device on my home office network, including my Apple TV, TiVo, PS3