Bing Drives Traffic to Daleisphere on its Second Day

I was delighted to see that bing is driving traffic to the Daleisphere on only its second day of operation. Below is a clip from my Woopra dash-board showing the Daleisphere’s first bing referral (that I’ve noticed).

woopra shows traffic from bing

I find this particularly interesting because I do not recall ever seeing traffic driven from in the past. Until now 95% of my search engine traffic came from Google. Yahoo!, perhaps, drives 2%. I’m hoping bing refers more traffic in the future.

So far I like what I’ve seen of it. But I’m not ready to give up Google just yet. 😉



8 Replies to “Bing Drives Traffic to Daleisphere on its Second Day”

  1. I'm seeing traffic too where I wasn't seeing Live traffic before. Are people experimenting with Bing or is this the fallout by preventing IE6 from using ANY OTHER search engine?

  2. I'm not sure I understand your point Dave. If it was a forced IE6 situation, wouldn't you just see prior traffic showing up as traffic. I got no traffic before (or next to none). I watched Woopra rather closely yesterday and noticed a few dozen referals during the day. A remakrably high amount all things considered. From where I sit, it looks like is indexing my sites whereas did not.

  3. I also had next to no Live traffic. But one of the reports I read said even if IE6 previously been set to a different search engine (like Google), it has been RE-set to Bing and you can't put it back. Forget where I read it. I'm on the road, so it's up to you to track it down.

  4. OK, but still. Let's think about this for a moment. The people STILL using IE 6 are hardly the people who would have figured out how to customize their IE search engine to anything other than So, I can't imagine that the tiny portion of the luddites still using IE 6 that aslo figured out how to change their default search engine, are now driving such an increase in traffic to my site. Doesn't make sense.

    Regardless of the default, what makes more sense is that has started indexing blog sites whereas did not.


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