Bell & Telus Announce Canada-wide HSPA/GSM Network Starting 2010

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Bell and Telus have announced the joint development of a long-rumoured, fast, nation-wide, HSPA wireless network to begin service as early as 2010.

In the near term, the network will support both existing CDMA mobile handsets used by current Bell and Telus customers, plus GSM–based handsets.  GSM is the global standard currently used by Rogers in support of the iPhone, among other mobile devices.

Over the longer term, this 4G network could ramp Canadian wireless download speeds to as fast as 100 Mbps. Current Canadian 3G networks have 7 Mbps maximum download speeds.

Not only will this provide direct competition to Roger’s GSM network and faster data pipes for mobile devices (at ever decreasing price points), it could also serve as a third competitor for in-home high speed data connections.

As the WiMax standard flounders, this type of network  holds the promise of both: (i) providing high speed data networks to non-wired Canadian neighbourhoods, such as in rural areas; and (ii) being a viable high speed alternative where only one form of high-speed network is currently available.

With the recent successful completion of the Canadian 2008 Spectrum auction, Canadians can soon expect to see even more competition in the high-speed wireless voice and data markets. Competition is good!

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