Analyzing My Second $100 from Google AdSense – in One Third the Time

google adsense logoMy first $100 in AdSense revenue was generated from my three blogs in approximately 10  months. My second $100 was generated in just over 3 months – from March 4 to June 7 2009. It took 327,383 served ad impressions to generate the first $100,  189,290 to generate the second.

As I described in my ‘Analyzing My First $100 from Google AdSense’ post, for this last three month period I dropped footer ads in lieu of what I hoped to be a more lucrative ad type – inline text ads. I was right. Some how I also benefited from higher per-click revenues (see details below) for the second $100 than I did for the first $100.

Ad Structure

For the last three months each of my sites used the following three primary ad types (channels in AdSense parlance) – each as depicted in the image below:

  • tower ads (120 x 600 down the right column);
  • cube ads (250 x 250 in the middle column); and
  • inline text ads (468 x 60 in-post text ads – below the title, categories and tags fields and above each post entry).

2nd adsense $100 - ad structure on daleisphere

Below is the AdSense report showing exactly how much was earned from each such ad/channel type on each of my three blogs:

Second Adsense $100 - report

When I aggregate the totals for the three ad/channel types across my three sites, the results for the second $100 earned, were are as follows:



revenue earned

revenue per click

tower ads



31.8 cents

cube ads



18.2 cents

inline text ads



23 cents

For the first $100, cube ads generated 51% of my revenue. This time, its down to 25% with tower and inline ads taking up the slack. Last time tower ads paid the most, with an average per-click revenue of 17.5 cents. This time all of the ads have a higher per-click average. But, as you can see, tower ads are still the highest paying at an average 31.8 cents per click through.

Other 2nd $100 Statistics




time period to generate $100

10 months

3 months

paid clicks during period



ads served



average revenue (cents) per click



average # served ads to earn a penny



average page views to earn a penny
(at 3 ads per page)



average pages served to generate 1 click



page views needed to generate $1.00



new posts in period



average revenue earned per new post

53 cents



Aside from the in-line text ads more than taking up the slack for dropped footer ads, my average per-click revenue inexplicably jumped up by 48% from 16.5 cents to 24.4 cents per click. This resulted in the number of pages served to generate $100 falling from 1,100 to 631 pages. My traffic has also risen month over month, but has stabilized around 800 to 1,000 page views per day.

Amazon Ads

In the first 10 months of The Daleisphere I generated about $50 in affiliate ads. In the last three months The Daleisphere generated approximately $71.11 in referral fees, once again, mostly from the iPhone App books I recommend in my ‘iPhone App Development – Where to Start’ post – by far the most popular post on The Daleisphere. My generic Amazon ads generate revenue from a hodge-podge of other sold items. I might break that down at some point if I can find a way of making a sensible blog post out of the data.

Moving Forward

As you can see I make almost nothing from home-page ads – $2.11 in three months (see bottom three rows in ads/channel table above). I’m thinking I’ll drop the under achieving cube ad there and add another inline-text ad on that page.

I want to look into the other advertising options that Dave Zatz mentioned in the comments section of my original $100 AdSense post. If my site qualifies for any of them I may give them a try.

short of new advertising possibilities, I’m not expecting similar revenue acceleration for the next $100 period because my average daily revenue seems to have leveled off some, in tandem with my average daily page views.



10 Replies to “Analyzing My Second $100 from Google AdSense – in One Third the Time”

  1. Yep, that post header ad should remain your most lucrative. And ad revenue in general seems down. The majority of my revenue is via pre-pay and impressions, versus click and as of January revenue was significantly down despite raised traffic. Sign of the times. Good thing we don't do this for a living. 😉

  2. Really good post I read it word by word. I know its not an easy jobs but your strategies are really works. Your ads placement tips are really help me. Tower ads must attract every user if it is attractive.

  3. Thanks azeemi … one step at a time … I just signed up for zipcar and it turns out they have a promo where new users can get a $25 credit and so can I. You can see those ads in the right column now. I love the idea. We'll see if that makes any money/credit towards my zipping around town.

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