3G iPhone Coming to Canada July 11 – $199 – $299

3G iPhone 
June 9, 2008 WWDC 2008 Keynote Announcing 3G iPhone

  • New 3G iPhone: “Twice the speed, half the price” – Details on U.S. Apple Website here (Canadian details here)
  • Launching on July 11: in Canada (on Rogers and Fido networks) and 23 other new countries  
  • 3G Speeds Approaching wifi Speeds: U.S. details here (Canadian details here)
  • Lower Pricing  (U.S. pricing – hardware price identical in Canada)
    • $199 for 8MB iPhone (to put this in context the 8MB iPhone launched at $599 just last year and was $399 up to today )
    • $299 for 16GB
    • $30/ month for U.S. Consumers AT&T unlimited data plan (on top of voice contract).
    • $45/month for U.S. Business Users.
    • [June 28 Update: Disappointing Canadian tiered data plan announced – see details)
  • Built in GPS: Satellite GPS supplemented by data from cell towers. U.S. details here (Canadian details here)
  • Increased Battery Life:
    • 300 hours (6 weeks) standby
    • 24 hours audio (music/podcasts)
    • 7 hours video
    • 5-6 hours 3G surfing
    • 5 hours 3G talk (10 hours 2G talk)
    • no GPS battery details yet

  • New iPhone 2.0 software coming in July. Existing users update details here. More Details here and here
  • MobileMe Service: $99 per year (incl. 20GB online storage). Wireless auto email, contacts, calendar, photo syncing across phone, desktop (including PC and Outlook) and web (at me.com) without having to sync in cradle. Watch tour here Dale’s Note: Most of this Google already does with iPhone for free
  • Picture Geotagging: Producing geocoded digital photographs
  • New Apps:  U.S. details here (Canadian details here)
  • New App Store in September – Unlimited number of third party apps. 10 MB app downloads wirelessly (larger apps available over wifi or iTunes).  Unified global (62 countries) apps store (not segregated by country like music and movies are). Developers set price. Apple keeps 30%. Free apps distributed for free – U.S. details here  (Canadian details here)
  • Enterprise Support: Integration with Microsoft Exchange and much better Enterprise support. Enterprise can push apps to all their users – U.S. details here (Canadian details here)
  • All black with silver trim (white version available).
  • Plastic Casing: to provide theoretical better voice/data reception than prior metallic casing
  • Tiny bit thicker than prior iPhone – thinner edges
  • Flush headphone jack
  • Includes Wi-Fi (802.11b/g), UMTS / HSDPA,  GSM / EDGE, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR
  • SIM ejector

What wasn’t announced:

  • No front-facing camera for video chats
  • No tactile keyboard
  • No new iPods, AppleTV or Macs
  • No new iPod Touch price (surely it won’t be more expensive than 3G iPhone?)

More Pics and Details here: Engadget | Gizmodo | Mac Rumours | CrunchGear



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